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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


You know the first of The Rules, don’t you? Life is short: listen to 1973. Now, you might substitute in 1977 or 1974 or certainly the hidden gem year of 1971. But you’d never throw in ’88, would you?

But then there’s this! (How am I treating this show like I discovered it? It’s fucking famous.) 6/28/85 at Hershey Park Stadium. Check it out, starting at the Brobdingnagian Music Never Stopped and it just gets better from there.

P.S. Except of course for Garcia losing his way through Terrapin, lyrically speaking. but aside from that, it gets better. For little gay kids and for a handful (at most) of weirdos listening to a specific musical performance given 18 billion years ago.

P.P.S. Holy shit, listen to Morning Dew and then realize that, had you been at this show, you would have been listening to this face-boiling Dew and not, like, 100 yards away is a rolly-coaster. God bless America and all her ships at sea.

P.P.P.S.  So, of course, after 6/28 ends, I throw on 6/30 and there are some audacious moments: the Shakedown is outstanding, parts of the Stella are great, but my overall opinion is not swayed–Life is short: listen to ’73.


  1. 6-28-85 Do better! ;>

  2. Stop noticing things! 🙂

  3. you still didn’t throw an ’88 in there….

  4. still my favorite shakedown, that 6/30 show

    • Bobby! Bobby! It is absolutely breath-taking and booty-shaking.

      • the rumor at the time was that they had recorded a groupie in the hotel hallway. also there’s that voice saying “Got to be funky” and for once the Dead really were. Years later I decided that that Shakedown gets into Hard to Handle territory.

  5. My first road trip shows Hershey and Merriweather

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