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Can't Win If You Don't Play #2

phil cnn shirt bad haircut

Well, it was fun last time; let’s try it again.

Worst thing in photo: name it and–as always–defend your answer in the comments!


  1. The “I don’t think Phil likes me anymore” (like he gives two shits) or: “After this show, I’m slitting my wrists,” look on Special K’s face.

    Or: Phil’s spleen about to burst. Take your pick.

    In defense of previous comments…Nothing at all will ever be mentioned about the wrist bands. In defense of these comments: “Fuck it. I didn’t win anything and now I’m crazy.” (Like I give 1.5 shits)

  2. Two words: Down Syndrome Haircut

  3. A CNN shirt? WTF. Maybe this at the Omni and Turner handed it out to him in person backstage, said you can fingerbang Jane during drums if you wear the shirt. But that’s bad even for Phil.

  4. Or: The really creepy back-line shadow thingy over Phil’s left shoulder that, simultaneously, looks like Frank Zappa with an even longer Arabic nose or Alice Cooper melting.

  5. Phil’s breath.

  6. Definitely the bowl cut.

  7. this photo has been manipulated. you can see where they tried to photoshop mickey’s red devil eyes out of the picture, underneath the Beast.

  8. ‘Tis that gut, folks, and how the bass looks like a wee, tiny thing upon it. Yea, twas thy beer belly, Phil. That which taxed thy liver decades fore we ever heard thy ‘donor rap’ acapella…

  9. That bass appears to have only four strings.

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