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Caption Contest!

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TotD is proud to present the First Annual (until I forget about it and do it again in seven weeks, or just forget about it entirely, or my flamethrower comes from Amazon, in which case: posts will not be forthcoming) Caption Contest!

I’ve had this (rather cool) shot of Garcia on my desktop for weeks now and: I got nothing. No reason, and it’s odd: usually I can pull something out of my ass with the stickiest of lubes–


–but this one’s got me stymied. So: whattya got?

Winner gets an all-expense paid trip to see Bobby, Phil, and a bunch of ringers perform for rich people in a resort that is scheduled for completion. They can’t put a time frame on it quite yet, but the resort is most assuredly scheduled for completion. It is written down, and not just in ink: that fucker is in Sharpie.


  1. As part of his Sunday morning routine, Garcia scans the classified ads looking for trailers, apartments and and other flop houses to accidentaly burn down during the upcoming week. Thank Jeebus that The Dead existed before Craigslist.

  2. Garcia (nom de plume: “Staying Out Of Reach In Stinson Beach”) eagerly checked Dear Abby each day to see if she had responded to his plea for advice in dealing with Billy’s escalating dickpunching problem.

  3. “Really? REALLY?!? There’s a new type of smokable heroin? You don’t say…”

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