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phil heineken 79

Enthusiasts, I need your help.

Phil, who no longer counts Heineken as his friend, is playing tonight at Terrapin Crossroads with Jackie Greene. You can purchase the high-quality SBD feed right here, or you could listen to the free AUD stream courtesy of Radio Busterdog. Feel free to hop on Couch Tour, or–as we’re calling it this weekend–Couchella.

Here is the conundrum, though: FoTotD and author of the brilliant Paradise Now (available in the sidebar) Chris Jennings needs a ticket to tonight’s show and, need I remind you, he is the man who invited me to Chicago and miracle’d the living fuck out of me, so let’s pull together and make this happen.

E-mail me at or leave a note in the Comment Section.

We can do this.


  1. It worked! Thanks people.

  2. You need to scream out something we would recognize.

    Highway 77..

    Dark Star…

    Hairy Fuckin Mendoza..

    Wally.. Just scream wally the minute things get quiet.

  3. Geeze.. this show is pretty good.

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