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Cash Or Trade For Your Rum

captain jackHey! Captain Jack Sparrow! Loved you in that movie, liked you in those two movies, then did not see you in that last movie.

“Thank you. But, I’m not him.”



Hobo Rob Zombie?

“We do have the same jawline.”

Weirdly enough.

“But: no.”

Do you live on a post-apocalyptic prison planet?

“I’m gonna walk away from you.”

Wait, wait: one question.


The hat and the hair: still two things or has there been fusion?

“Yeah, it might take some doing to get the ol’ girl off my head now that you mention it.”

Awesome. You ever stabbed a guy?

“Shit, I stabbed lotsa guys.”

Ever get stabbed?

“Shit, lotsa guys stabbed me.”

Can we be best friends?

“Oh, no.”

Good decision.

“Oh, yeah.”

You have a good show.

“You, too, brother!”


  1. I’m afraid of white people with dreadlocks

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