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Caught In A Noodle Dance


Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Dreaming of the Hostility Suite.”


“It was a fun time. Youthful exuberance, and kicky romps, and there would be a cold cut platter. It was actually a lot like one of those Deadhead networking parties for Wall Streeters.”


“Well, there was a lot of coke.”

Sure. So, did the guys each have a type they went for?

“Billy liked ’em skanky.”


“The skank thing is not new with him, y’know? He’s always been a skank man. Some guys like redheads, other guys like ’em curvy; God bless him, Billy likes ’em skanky. Guy plays drums, punches dick, and plows skank: there’s a purity to him.”


“He’s kinda like Tarzan.”

How so?

“He runs around naked and yells a lot.”

Can we stop talking about Billy?

“Mickey liked his women female.”

That’s it?



“The two of them would wait for me choose my three or four girls and leave. Then…wow. You ever see hyenas take down a wounded gazelle?”

So fast.

“From what I’ve been told, when I would leave the Hostility Suite, the mood would change like in From Dusk To Dawn when everyone in the bar turns into a vampire.”

The old days.

“Here’s to ’em.”

She’s gettin’ in there. Little boob-pressin’ going on.

“Knock it off.”


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