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Ceiling Garcia

jerry cap theater

Speaking of Phil, he’s back at the Cap, which owes me an apology and probably some money. Ste4ve sent this nifty photo in; the second set’s starting soon. Watch here, or listen here.

(This is dangerously close to Hologram Garcia, but I’ll allow it. Do not make Hologram Garcia.)


  1. Good luck getting that money outta Shapiro

  2. definitely dangerously close < heard Melvin Seals was comin out last nite < gotta check it out but I think the whole Phil thing is weird and too expensive.hehe

  3. Musicly top notch. Medium sized hall. No bad spots. Tickets for the needy. A spot for vendors on the corner. I’m a fan.

  4. I’ll admit that Pete Shapiro would make hologram Garcia if he thought it was cool. Money is not the limitation, only taste.

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