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Chaos Is A Ladder



Precarious, why is–

“No. Not Precarious. It is I, the Christ.”


“You asked for me, my son.”

It was just an expression.

“Ah. My mistake.”

Nobody’s perfect.

“I am.”

Eh. So, uh, is Precarious around?

“Lemme get this straight. You’d rather talk to a semi-fictional roadie than to me, Jesus. King of Kings. Alpha and Omega. That’s what you’re saying?”




“Jackass wants you.”


Precarious, is that Ramrod?

“Hanging by his fingertips 20 feet up?”



No safety gear?

“Well, here’s the thing about Ramrod: he’s not a pussy.”


“Besides, why do you think Parish is standing there?”

To catch him?

“Or cushion him. Whichever.”

Whole lotta “whichever” in the Dead.

“Sometimes, it seems we were nothin’ but.”

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  1. This sort of post (and I love them, ToTD…please keep ’em comin’!) always brings to mind that sequence in the GD Movie where the boys are Tuning Up/getting the Gear set up.

    Gentleman whose name we do not know is tuning Keith’s Electric Peeannah, smoking. Another ‘quippie, also smoking, climbs scaffolding while wearing Adidas Country sneakers as his Safety Boots. A few minutes later we see and hear Boots the Pyrotechnician and Garcia going over what would be “The Hippest” thing to do–shoot off small in-flammables over 5600 guests in a notoriously over medicated environment.

    OSHA representatives would have literally burst into flames if they were involved.

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