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Checked It Twice

Friday, June 27th

Set 1 – Tuning, Don’t Ease Me In, Minglewood, Stander on the Mountain, Mexicali>Big River, Sunrise (feat. Mrs. Donna Jean), Don’t Ease Me In (reprise)

Set 2 – Seastones>Iko>Hey Pockey Way>Women Are Smarter>NFA>Drums>Drums>Drums>Space>NFA>Days Between>Johnny B. Goode

E – Brokedown Palace (aborted), Brokedown Palace


  1. I think the first night encore will be “Day Job.”

  2. “don’t ease me in reprise” may very well be the high water mark of this enterprise of yours

    well played

  3. And 80% of crowd leaves commenting “whoa, could you believe that wicked shit, I mean I really heard those drumz like never before man, how can these guys retire?”

  4. Reactions to the show will depend on what era a Deadhead is from.

    ’90s: “Greatest concert I ever saw”
    ’80s: “Two keyboardists? WTF?”
    ’70s: “Decent tribute band, but you should have seen them when they were good”
    Early ’70s: “Two drummers? WTF?”
    ’60s: “What just happened?”

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