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Checking In

phil billy crazy vinceHey, guys. Vince.


“Thoughts on my ass!”

“Why do you treat me the way you do?”

You sucked.

“You did. You should see the shit I write about you.”

“I was negative towards you in my book, as well, Vince. But I was nice about it.”

That was nice of you, Phil.

“I can be kind when I choose to be.”

Sure. How the rehearsals going?


“Fine. Everything is fine and no one is counting down days until they don’t have to be in the same room with each other. That is definitely not happening.”

If you say so.

“I do.”


How’s Bobby?







  1. Along time ago you said “Vince Welnick looks like someone you wouldn’t rent a houseboat to”. I’m glad things haven’t changed.

  2. It’s not fanfic.

  3. Speaking of Bobby and his current condition: when are you going to start giving us the lowdown on the Backup Bobbys? I mean, there have to be contingency plans, right?

  4. Years ago I said that instead of using the Jerry guy from DSO, the boys needed to get the Bobby guy, Rob Eaton.

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