Couch Tour is off for the night as the trucks drive from Charlotte to Bonnaroo, which is a certain number of miles. (Halfway through that sentence, I realized that if you gave me a blank map, I could neither put a pin in Charlotte, nor whatever sun-baked field the Bombadil festival is held in.) An Enthusiast shouldn’t be without groovy tunes, though, so give 12/4/79 from the Uptown Theatre in Chicago a spin.

(I usually like to link to Relisten rather than the Archive just because the interface is incomparably better, but the Archive is the only place to hear the Dusborne Matrix. That’s the version I listened to recently; it is another stellar blend of a SBD and AUD from Mr. Dusborne, who is quickly gaining  a Charlie Miller-like reputation for consistence and excellence in Fillmore South.)

First set’s good, but the second is monstrous and weird: a slowed-down China>Rider opener and a half-hour, mid-set Estimated>Franklin’s that turns into a Stayin’ Alive-quoting jam.

Or–and this is up to you–KISS’ Dynasty is a better record than it gets credit for.

What’s wrong with you?

I was giving the nice people options.

Options are equivalent. You offered people the choice between a steak and having a chain swing at them

I don’t get into people’s fetishes, man.

Have I told you I hate you?

Frequently, and with conviction.