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There is more reading to do today, Enthusiasts, but you will snarf up these words with dispatch and joy: a new post by my friend and yours Corry over on Lost Live Dead. This issue from the previously-unplumbed depths of Dead history concerns Mrs. Donna Jean. It starts with her precocious (a theme today, it seems) and serendipitous beginnings and her illustrious career in the Muscle Shoals studio scene (singing on two number one hits) and then pivots to ask a good question about the so-called “magical” way that Keith and Mrs. Donna Jean became Grateful Deads. (Spoiler: Garcia was trying to get laid.)

Anything else I wrote would just keep you from it: go read.


  1. Thank you as always for the kind words. I am counting on you to appropriately assess Ms Donna’s contributions to the works of Ray Stevens

    Remember, it’s the singles right after “Ahab The Arab” (any readers Not Of Age, you know who you are, probably should not investigate how this song ever became a hit)

    • What if Donna is doing the backing vocals on “Harry The Hairy Ape” (the ‘shoobie doo shoobie doo op” part at the very end)? The timing is right, it was released in 1963. A very disturbing coda to the Grateful Dead story

      High School students should google “War of 1812” or something sensible.

  2. occidentalpoppy

    January 8, 2016 at 2:49 am

    Thank you!

  3. A young Mrs. Donna Jean in a cheerleader outfit? Oh my. Has anyone found that picture???

  4. Interesting that donnas first God show was out 4, 1970 the first fm quadrophonic simulcast and one of the odd shows that the god played a truncated set and pigpen is without his organ and appeared with other acts. I’ve always speculated this show what with the confusion on stage- two radio stations broadcasting, many roadies from different bands is what allowed the sheriff to get onstage to repossess pig pens organ. Not that the roadies simply didn’t feel like bringing it this night. We all know it was at a show in fall 70 that it was repo’d. I suggest it was this night with pigpen organless the rest of the band really stepped it up a notch this night.

  5. Ronnie Tutt has a shroud of turin like image of someone in his chest hair?

    Corry needs to get to the root of this.

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