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Cinco De(ad) Mayo

Heading into the afternoon here on the East Coast, and coasting through the morning on the Left: you need a Dead show, Enthusiasts. Coffee will only take you so far on a Thursday.

Try this one on for size: 3/24/73 from the Spectrum in Philly. This show’s got everything that the label of “1973” promises: big-ass China>Rider, 20-minute Playing, front-loaded Dark Star (all the jam is before the lyrics, instead of the usual “Garcia sings the head and then they play for a half-hour,” He’s Gone>Truckin’, plus Phil does an interpretative dance to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Life is short; listen to ’73. Plus, remember what Diego Rivera said:

La forma más adecuada para celebrar el Cinco de Mayo es una caliente ’73 .

You gonna argue with Diego Rivera?


  1. Great pick! Are you Dave??

    My version came labeled as “(Spanish) Jam > Dark Star,” but we all know what’s really up.

  2. I was hoping this post would be Bobby in a sombrero, but I suppose this will suffice.

  3. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    May 5, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    This was the first He’s Gone after Pigpen’s death and many who attended reported that the band was visibly emotional while singing the coda. Perhaps that also was the inspiration for Phil’s interpretative dance.

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