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Citroen On Top Of The World

jerry citroen swiss 81 guy

Commentator and probably not the dead poet jim carroll informs us that the previous pic–and this nifty one he sent along as well–were taken in Switzerland, which would explain the presence of the Citroen 2CV, which was the Gallic version of the Model T and the Jeep at the same time.

Like the Beetle, it had a small air-cooled engine and could be configured into a bunch of different platforms: this one is the “hippie-lugging” package, I guess.

Also, our younger Enthusiasts should note the spare tire on the roof rack and realize that there was room in the truck for the spare, it’s just that the driver knew without a shadow of a doubt he was going to need it soon enough. Tires used to be made out of semi-chewed Bazooka gum and luck.


  1. I believe Inspector Clouseau also drove one of these.

  2. Why was Jerry in Switzerland, looking fairly cleaned up, wearing a button down shirt and outside in the day time? When was this picture taken? Who took it? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. i think he was there looking at hitlers private stash of crystal meth

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