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Cleaning Out My Closet

I have around 45 open tabs on my desktop, all relating to the Dead and the nonsense they’ve been up to, so let’s just link to all of them so I can go back to streaming karate movies.

Would you like to win a guitar? It’s an expensive one, but it has been pawed at by the drummers.

Perhaps you’d rather buy a ’56 Chevy that Garcia may or may not have gotten tuggers in?

Maybe you want capitalism and its inherent flaws pointed out to you by Time magazine, which apparently still exists even though Joel Stein works there?

There’s more–oh, God, there’s more–but begin there and we’ll have a quiz after lunch.


  1. For those of you looking for a musical interlude before tonight’s festivities/your early bed time: Coltrane’s “Africa” seems to fit the day’s moods.

  2. Please and thank you.

  3. Who owned the Chevy Tugger? It just says “roadie?

  4. worried sick about mrs donna jean

    • Yes, let’s trade. They won’t let me in with my fanny pack, which I wore to Watkins Glen. So screw em.

  5. What the hell does this Brad Tuttle guy know from his own backside. Why do people find it so difficult to appreciate a group of truly dysfunctional men (and woman), even more dysfunctional individually, making a killing for producing a great (well, very entertaining) product. Where in the world could THIS bunch of miscreants be relaxing in their Marin County mansions on account of a body of work dedicated to the plight of the working man? AMERICA BABY. AMERICA.

    • Serious comment: one of the things this blog has made me think long and hard about is the *ridiculous* number of things this band would not be able to get away with nowadays.

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