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Cleveland Rocks

Today will most likely not be another Bruce Day, though who can tell the future? I will, however, share this with you and encourage all right-thinking Enthusiasts to give it a spin: Bruce in Cleveland at the Agora Theater, broadcast* over the mighty WMMS, the rock station that broke Rush and Zep and KISS and basically created the soundtrack for guys in blue jeans forevermore.

*Not simulcast: apparently, there wasn’t a truck or a hookup available, so the engineers at the station recorded the show an hour at a time and had an intern drive the tapes to the station.


  1. Not a fan since the early years but saw him in early 1977 in Columbus and he rocked.

  2. Grew up in Cleve, We had Bruce fever pretty bad as a town, Kid Leo and the other MMS DJ’s did as well.

    Golden era of FM radio, for sure.

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