Space is 60 miles away. You could drive it in an hour, or Bill Walton could bike there in an afternoon. Shit, you can see space: walk out to your yard right now and look up. Fillmore South is closer to space than it is to Space Mountain. Once you get there, your blood boils and your lungs explode and radiation grills your cells. Space is a dangerous neighborhood, and it is 60 miles away.

How far are you from the ocean? I am 7.2 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean; I could be in the water in 20 minutes. There are riptides here, invisible and greedy, and you’ll be out too far, too fast, and then you will be in the ocean. You cannot breathe there, and you are at the bottom of the food chain. The ocean is a frightful place, and it is at the end of the street I live on.

Terror is close, and the worst is possible. There are dangers you should not invite in: a guy wrote a song about it, and it doesn’t turn out well.

And that will be all I say about politics tonight.