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Hello, there.

“Hello. I love. Hello.”

You’re a very good-looking dog.

“Did some modelling.”

How’d that go?

“Pooped on a camera.”


“Offered to eat poop, but that made no one happy.”

Probably not.

“No pleasing people.”

Lemme ask you a question.


Is there dog racism?

“I bark at Asian ladies.”

No, I mean intra-species. Like, schnauzers against mastiffs or whatever.

“Dog is dog. Butt smell like butt.”

That’s nice.

“Except for little dog. They are sub-dog. Bring country down. Cause of problem.”

What did they do?

“Yap. Hate yap so much. Want to eat. Cannot eat.”

Can’t eat them because of the rules and perhaps an inner dog morality?

“Had all aggression bred out of me. Am big lazy baby.”

Just as good.


  1. may be color blonde, but totd dot com was number 2 in search results. you are movin’ up!


  2. flame is so feeting – the dot com is down to third place. 🙁


  3. Someone tell that little doggy to wake up ToTD.. it is time for a blog post.


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