pass black bolt

For the Summer ’95 tour, the Dead teamed up with Marvel Comics to produce a; their backstage passes, and they killed it. Instead of going with just the most popular characters (although Spidey, Thor, and Cap are certainly represented), the guys in the Bullpen snuck some weirdos in there.

We start our overview with this cool shot of one of Jack Kirby’s strangest creations (and that’s saying something): Black Bolt–the King of the Inhumans!

Exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mists before birth, Blackagar Boltagon (seriously) gained both a talent and a curse. Funny how all the Marvel heroes had that going on. Black Bolt’s voice was a weapon of monstrous power, capable of levelling cities with a whisper and setting off extinctions with a scream.

So, just like Phil after his ninth Heineken.