pass doom

Victor, Victor, Victor. First of all, his super-villain name is Dr. Doom because his real, actual, swear-on-my-dong name is Victor von Doom. That’s his name because the guy who created him, Stan Lee, spells subtle with an exclamation point.

Doom is the most wonderful character in comic books–perhaps in all of Western Literature (harrumph, harrumph; tweed, tweed)–due to his utter lack of self-awareness. This is a man who invented a working time machine (sound familiar?), created artificial life, and gone toe=to-toe with Death himself. (in the Marvel Universe, Death is a guy who gets into fistfights).

What does he choose to do with these abilities?

Launch the Baxter Building into orbit. He has done this on a number of occasions, to the point where you start wondering about the psychology behind it, maybe it’s a dick thing, but he does it a lot. It’s kind of Doom’s fallback position–toilet overflowing: blame Richards, launch Baxter Building into orbit. Doom’s launched that damn building into orbit so many times that The Thing has begun accumulating frequent flyer miles.

PLUS, he’s the ruler of Latveria, so Doom’s got diplomatic immunity, and that’s what he chooses to do? Hurl skyscrapers into the wild blue yonder? HE INVENTED A TIME MACHINE and this was his best plan. Now, if I had diplomatic immunity, it’d be nothing but long afternoons at the supermarket showing my testicles to strangers, but I’m a doofus. This was a guy whose armor could go full-on with Iron Man

And how does diplomatic immunity even help with the throwing buildings into space thing? I don’t even know if that’s a crime.

Dr. Doom : Reed Richards :: Healy : Bobby