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The Greatest Dead & Co Shirt

Sure, you want to see a great couple sets. Yes, you’d like to dance your pants off. Of course, you’d like hear all your favorite songs.

But you also want to have the best t-shirt at the show, and this is it. Available in all colors except black (I listened to your advice!) and in sizes European Child to American Man.


  1. I don’t care what anyone says, I think it’s cool you didn’t actually link to the product

  2. Can the next be a “Donnaroo 2016” shirt?

  3. I think it is cool that you made this shirt.

    Some guy in the comment section.. this was his idea.

    He would want you to profit from it.

    He wants you to succeed.

    He does not demand payment, or notice.

    He is not an intellectual property hoarder like the guy who claimed to own “choogly”, or the guy who claims “Let Trey Sing”.

    No siree this guy just wants what is best for you.

    I ordered 2 shirts, 2 stickers. Wish I could have them RIGHT NOW, I see Jeff Oteil etc on Thurs and Friday, and I have nothing to wear. Will go naked and climb a pole.

    But you are correct in your timing. Now is the time to strike !! When you hear the show from last night on decent sound system, even through SiriusXM compression, you hear Big O and Big J make the magic, while Bobby’s guitar goes on self tremelo mode, and Young John forgets passenger, J and O carry the load that the others fail to bear.

  4. Damn, my expected delivery is Monday 6/27. Too late for Citi Field. No way to expedite delivery.

  5. Can someone technical, (Mr Completely or Swaggie Maggie, or recently discovered photoshop master spencer) make a 1 second GIF of Mickey’s Stick-drop after touch of grey.

    Start here.

    And one second, maybe just .5 seconds.

    Start at 1:36:48

    This T-shirt was my idea, but it would be passive aggressive of me to say anything about it, I am just saying that so you make the GIF.


    • Thoughts On The Dead

      June 13, 2016 at 3:34 pm

      That would be passive-aggressive. It would also probably be legally inadvisable to thank you for the idea, though.

      I did try to engiffinate Mickey’s mallet-drop, but the file’s too enormous for any of the gif-makers I saw. The Imgur one has a 15-minute limit for source video. I will check around for smaller chunks of the show.


        • Thoughts On The Dead

          June 13, 2016 at 4:58 pm

          You mind that tone in here, Mister. You mind it. Mind it well. The tone.

          All right, fine. I was saving it for Mickey.

          Tor gets a free shirt, but I would appreciate public thanks and praise, and I also might delete these comments to make it seem like I did the right thing on my own. Just saying.

    • Tor, my photo shop mastery(yeah right) coincided with my inability to post a video properly. You win some you lose…….

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