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Due to time zones or some bullshit Billy got up to with the Time Sheath technology, the Dead & Company show is an hour earlier tonight. Maybe. Depending on where you are?

You are not helpful.

Oh, no. Anyway, let’s leave the streams in the Comment Section for those on Couch Tour.


  1. This fellow is scoping from the pit, has a full battery and a battery pack with the equivalent of 10 full charges.

      • Had one that color. Took it to Watkins Glen.

          • I was there fifth row in front of YJM he does not have full control of his body in West LA he was grovvin like chuck berry with a chicken neck trying to hold still at all costs.

            I look at these shows as Ratdog and in that respect it was awesome, they seemed much sharper than MSG. The crowd in the pit could not have been any lamer if they were hipsters. Seriously Nashvegas music big shots, standing around for Lucy Lucy. If you saw a tall guy in the front rockin out it was me, got a little better in the second set cause the ushers were sellin wristbands. Could not give herb away at a dead show was a bizarre vibe.
            The show was mean,fast, and very well rehearsed, except that troll speed Paso.
            YJM was beyond my expectations, he was genuine he was wearing like a half sleeve Han on Hoth blue star boy jacket.

            Billy let Mickey have a cute set of child size cymbals that don’t appear to be miked but he gets to have fun.

            Billy was thinking of punching Bobby after he shit the bed going into Stella not sure if it came across but bob was jamming morning due and sang half the first verse before he relised it was Stella time not dew. Bob did a graduate level head shake/grimace then they goof around trying to figure out is it dew or not, literally even chimenti stood up to see what was up, so Bobby had to pull a Jerry and just start from a stop.
            Funniest goof I’ve seen but I kept an eye on old bobbert weir and he was just fine. but oh boy Billy would have loved to punch some dicks over that snafu.
            Go see this Ratdog and the drummers with that expectation and you’ll be glad you did.
            Love you ToTD…..

          • I’m glad it wasn’t just me! This was the most bizarre vibe I’ve seen at a dead and anything show. I was on the floor, around 10th row-ish. Someone was in my seats, so I just took whatever was close and empty. Luckily, there was no whining, because half the night was spent watching security guards with flashlights moving people to their proper seats. The no dancing rules were strictly enforced. The no smoking rules were MORE enforced. For the first time ever, I assumed the smoke was from a machine and not the crowd. I was on the far aisle, Otiel side, so I could look at the people in the super expensive rows. They didn’t move at all, except for China Cat. They sat back down for Rider. Watching women trying to climb the stairs in 5 inch stilettos was amusing. Legitimate merch in the lot was confiscated left and right. On the plus side, no balloon mafia that I could see.

            ALL OF THAT ASIDE… Musically, this band is getting very tight. And by tight, I mean looser. Of the 3 shows I’ve caught, I think this was the most relaxed I’ve seen yet. JM can play, even if he does so in very stylish shoes with actual laces. Bobby is fucking killing it. Some shit is pretty slow, and I could do without the weird reggae shit. My husband liked it, but I don’t think he was in his right mind, so I don’t respect his opinion on it. Vocally, tho, Bobby sounds better than he has in years. Looks like he’s having a shitload of fun, too. In fact, I’m back to calling him Bobby instead of Bob Weir, which always seemed too formal. Billy smiled a bunch, and shook his head a lot, so even he’s paying attention. Jeff and JM seem to really groove on each other. I’m just hoping this continues through for a spring/summer run so they can play outside and loosen the scene the fuck up.

            I was wondering if maybe JM is starting to hope his fans stay home, too. They’re spoiling his fun. He’s clearly doing everything he can to not play for them. I just hope they take the hint.

        • Sir Luther Von Baconson

          November 19, 2015 at 11:34 am

          think i’ve seen it

  2. Hey you all, I am on board for the couch tour tonight.

    Any of the comment section make it to tonights show ?

    While we wait here is Oteil singing Franklins Tower with the ABB and Trey..

  3. This Oteil Franklins with ABB and Jimmy Herring is better.

  4. Mayer and Chimenti are lovin’ each other

  5. Fuckin Cowboy shit… if Bobby slows down El Paso it will go till midnight..

    Cow-poke meats slow poke 🙂

  6. For ToTD, this guy is getting extreme close ups of JM’s face

  7. The Z-Man has clear audio, and a nicely stable view of the soundbooth, at least at the moment:

  8. this one works now that th eothers stopped

  9. 35 comments without me????????? dang, I gotta get back here more often

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