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Copping Some Good Shit

Holy shit. This shit here is the shit. Shit. Goddamn.

Get off your ass and jam?

Absolutely, yes.

We should do Thoughts on the P-Funk.


You promised the nice people Van Halen.

I know and I got the new book about their early days and it’s coming up, but someone sent me an innocuous e-mail this morning and now I need to listen to every Scarlet>Fire ever played.

You are highly suggestible.

I have made it a point to never be hypnotized.

Talk about the S>F.


Trenchant analysis.

It’s fast as hell and doesn’t slow down for Fire; most versions do and it kills the momentum, but this one seems to actually be speeding up. Mickey is MVM (Most Valuable Mickey) of this one, thrashing his toms in triplet thunder and egging Billy and the rest of them on.

Sometimes Phil plays some notes, and that is good, but here he plays ALL THE NOTES and that is so, so much better. Phil’s notes bop and bwump way down low and Garcia’s notes dwee and wah-oo all the way up top and the rest of them are in the middle and the drummers are beautiful and all is beautiful and so very loud.

There is also MIDI bullshit, which is awesome. TotD is now declaring this the BEST EVAR Scarlet>Fire.


  1. I listen to these, and then I look at the songwriting credits and see “Hunter/Hart” for the “Fire” bits, and then my head explodes, because the universe makes no sense anymore.

  2. Love this Scarlet/Fire, maybe top 5 version ever. Canadian Dead. Always wondered what is what for the Dead when they crossed the border into Canada for these shows…..

  3. Hold on.. How are you doing this so fast ?

    My suggestion is 27 minutes long, I assume many of them are that long?

    Just listening takes time..

    I found my suggestion, and I did not even have to get out of begonias before I knew it was the one..

    It had me at begonias..

    Red Rocks Sept 8 1984..

    13 minutes scarlet, 14 minute fire., and still not enough.


  4. What makes a good scarlet Fire?

    Is it the mutron ? Is it the changly keys, is it the smoking 32nd notes, is it the transition — more subtle than china-rider, more flexible –, is it the drums, is it Phil — this song actually ties Phil into a somewhat structured role.. what is it..what is it..

  5. This S>F is even featured on the Copps Wikipedia page

  6. With solo development like that, the MIDI can be forgiven.

  7. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    December 1, 2015 at 10:56 am

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