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Couch Tour Triumphant

In lighter news, Enthusiasts, our friend Phil and his Phriends are back onstage at Terrapin Crossroads tonight, where it is Endless Shrimp Week. They’re celebrating the mumblemumble anniversary of Watkins Glen, and as (almost) always, Radio Busterdog is riding the rail and streaming it all for us back home.

This is what the stage looks like:


TotD, you say, that is just an empty stage with a mindbogglingly expensive bass on it. That is not the fun we were promised. To this I say, what about a Grateful Dead racecar?


That is a Grateful Dead racecar. You know that because it says it is. Also: Acura?


  1. Racecars with three digit numbers aren’t real race cars. Neither David Pearson, nor Mark Donohue nor Jim Clark ever had a car with a three digit number. C’mon.

    This is some wannabe with an Acura who finished 23rd in his personal Driving School class that his father-in-law paid for, and he wasn’t willing to strip the decals off his car (David Pearson would take his wife’s station wagon and smoke you, big time, without benefit of racing stripes–Jim Clark would blow you off in an out-of-date Vauxhall, the same thing)

  2. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    September 17, 2016 at 9:47 am

    I have seen Hot Wheels that look better.

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