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Here’s some good news, just a little bit of slack in increasingly tight times, something to wrap your heart’s arms around: our own Bill the Drummer and his good friends will be performing in a live online festival opposite the inauguration.

It’s called Streamstock, and it’s such a pleasing cause that I won’t make fun of how terrible a name “Streamstock” is. Remember: the worst thing in the world to the Orange Pinko is being a loser, so though you might be tempted to tune in and give yourself a reason to drink, don’t. Watch jam bands instead, and give yourself a reason to smoke.

It’s a good lineup, too: Billy and his new bar band, plus the Benjy Eisen-managed Electric Beethoven, and rising star Holly Bowling, and FoTotD (and co-author of the wonderful oral history This is All A Dream We Dreamed) David Gans, and whatever the hell Lettuce is. (I don’t know why you’d name a band Lettuce. Lettuce is an unremarkable vegetable, or fruit, or whatever it is. If salad were a movie, then lettuce would be the extras. Lettuce just fills up the space around your star. It’s essentially a garnish.)


  1. Oh my God. Your lack of knowledge about lettuce is frightening. If I didn’t have to get to sleep I’d educate you up on it but man….(and I’m not kidding, lettuce is an under appreciated green)

  2. it’s actually a really apt band name because they’re super generic.

  3. good lineup but apparently you have to have facebook to watch it. fk that

  4. Funny, I just discovered Holly Bowling yesterday and am pretty darn impressed. Just bought tickets for her show in Philly in March.

  5. Perhaps their name is a reference to the Devil’s lettuce?

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    January 19, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Lettuce, turnip, & pea?

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