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Cum On Feel The Illinoize

As long as we’re knee-deep in nostalgia, let’s go with a show you’ve heard before as the evening’s non-Jedi entertainment. In honor of Illinois’ rockingest sons, we head to the campus of Northern Illinois University for 10/29/77; a famous show that deserves all of its renown.

I have a date with some Ewoks.


  1. Love this show!

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  2. I was born in DeKalb, Illinois home of NIU and this was my second show. Great memories and the tapes confirm it was a great show. David Lemieux likes this show too but has not come through with an official release yet. He did recently release my third show from Normal Illinois from the Spring of 78 though!

  3. Not sure if it is a Betty, when I corresponded with Lemieux he said he was listening to this show (by coincidence). They had just released the Spring 77 box so I mentioned it was unlikely he would go back ro 77 for awhile. He said that would not stop another 77 release (much to the chagrin of those advocating 89s and 90s releases) and did not say it was not in the vault.

  4. I haven’t been back to it in a while, but this is one of the greats in a great year. I’m never sure which Sugar Mag is better, this one or 6/9, but those are certainly the top two of the era.

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