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Cunning, Plan

billy benjy boat
“Billy, I got an idea.”

“Is it that I should throw you into the propeller?”


“I’m gonna.”

“Please don’t.”

“I will, though.”

“You wanna hear my idea?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“After Chicago, we should keep the band together and do more shows. A tour.”

“That’s your idea?”


“You haven’t told anyone but me, right?”

“You’re the first.”

“Well, dummy up. No good this getting out.”

“I feel as though you’re mocking me.”

“I am. Your idea was to ‘continue making money.'”

“I guess.”

“That’s capitalism. Your idea was capitalism. Of course we’re doing more shows.”

“Oh, okay. It’s just that you guys promised there wouldn’t be any more shows.”

“Show biz promise.”

“Is that different than a real promise?”

“Substantially, yes.”

“I had another idea, Bill: you guys need a manager, right?”

“We do. You wanna do it?”

“I absolutely do, Billy.”

“I think it’s a great idea. What do you think, Mr. Propeller? You do? You what?”

“Billy, please doN’T THROW ME INTO THE–”



  1. Benoit is on his period

  2. I just tweeted Benjy lel

  3. This boat has no chicks, no fish, no beer and no instantgrams of Sammy Hagar water skiing w Joan Mayonaise on his shoulders.

    For shame.

  4. At long last, the elusive photo of a hatless Benjy

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