Oh, God, what is this?

“I am, uh, hipping and hopping.”

Please don’t.

“Rap-rock. Next big thing.”

It’s not.

“Well, my well-worn copy of the Demolition Man soundtrack begs to differ.”


“Call me Big Yachty.”

Absolutely not.

“But I love it when they call me Big Yachty.”

Still not gonna happen.

“Y’know, Billy used to have a human beatbox routine.”


“Oh, sure. He would beat a human with a box.”

I walked into that one.

“I actually am far more familiar with the hip-hop scene than you would think. Josh is teaching me about it. Kept introducing me to a rapper during the last tour.”

What did the rapper look like?

“Shoeless, mohawk. Big fan of the Dead, too.”

Bobby, that was Oteil. He’s your bass player.

“Ah. That would explain him playing bass.”

Right. Please no rap-rock, Bobby.

“Step off, bissh.”


“My daughter taught me that one.”