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Dancin’ In The Streets

The Grateful Dead wasn’t a political band; remember that. When the kids took the campus, they showed up and choogled, but they weren’t political. They played benefits in support of the Black Panthers and against the death penalty, but they weren’t political. They raised money for the rainforest, and for Amnesty International, and…well, here:

What the organizations above have in common is this: they represent the little guy.

That’s what politics is. It’s a fight between the big guy and the little guy. And the Dead have always taken David’s side.

But remember: they weren’t a political band.


  1. Fantastic bobby had a silk screened fist shirt Mit concert! I knew Billy’s k silk screened it onto his and Mickey’s bass drums. Fight the power!

  2. fight the power or give the power to the people… im confysed

  3. We could use that flavor again.

  4. Owsley Stanley was adamant that GD were not political. Perhaps he didn’t see himself as an ex-political prisoner. I see GD as political and Owsley as a political prisoner.

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