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img_3304There is a convention for intellectuals and big-brains of all sorts in Albuquerque this week regarding the Dead. I was neither invited not notified, but I do have a good question for one of them researcher types to figure out: when was Phil allowed out from behind the drums? He was still hiding back there in some of the shots from Europe in ’72. By the Wall, it was physically impossible to stand back there anymore, and that continued with the more-traditional band setup that followed the de-hiatusing.

That’s what the Dead did in ’76: de-hiatused. Like you deplane.


  1. I think Phil moved out front when Billy told him to.

  2. I presented today at this conference, and you know, no one’s looked into that issue yet. Maybe we’re not meant to know.

  3. laufvergnügen,

    Not meant to know ?!?

    We found gravity waves for heavens sake !!

    Not meant to know ?!?

    We have sequenced the genome and conquered the atom.

    Not meant to know ?!?

    We can crack the earth till she belches gas and oozes oil !!!

    Not meant to know ?!?

    Your statement itself, assuming we have some predetermined limits as to what we are “meant” to do, implies either religious belief or dope induced sloth.

    seek knowledge, never rest, for there is always more to know.

    Get to the bottom of this, and while you are at it, whoever scheduled the comedy section, why is ToTD not present?


  4. I think it had something to do with purchasing longer cables for the instruments.

  5. Topic for the conference: Best Jerry Tone

    The Les Paul in that pic is in my top 3, along with his Gibson SG and the Alligator Strat.

    Other Topic: when/why did they let the Weir take center stage?

  6. Funny thing, I own a Les Paul exactly like that. Mine’s a ’52, probably one of the first 50 ever made. Sounds like a million bucks, but is difficult to play due to the prototype-like tailpiece / bridge design. Gotta save that pic, had no idea Garcia ever played one of those.

  7. Can someone post a link where i can get that image?

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