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Dark Star Crashes

If you can’t be in Atlanta tonight for Dead & Company, then why don’t you head out to your backyard for the Leonid meteor shower?

Won’t be around ’til later, so if someone could post the streams for the first set in the Comment Section, I would thank you kindly.

Also, there is this:



  1. OH well periscope down, so back to 6-29-76

  2. Mission in the Rain-Looks like Rain Nice!


    A different London

    I’m finding having as many scopers as possible lined up for ones that drop off

  4. It’s a monster show, wow! 76!

  5. Jerry pronouncing his A’s so cool and everything!

  6. Hey there,

    I assume we are on lunch break?

    That is nice fangoria, way to go Maggie.

    I so wish I could afford the time to drive to Nashville tomorrow.

    I do think I will check out the meteors as well, what a lovely day.


  7. here is what seems to be an audio only stream..

  8. Scoprrs are dropping like flies

    Here’s a new one

    Clean feed
    Good view

    • Yeah I am on that one, Help had some nice moments..

      Oteil Oteil Oteil

      • This band is getting better and better and better.

        They’re pretty much nailing it every night. They may have started off sounding slow at times but the more they’re playing the more it’s rocking.
        DC was a monster but I can hear some of the same songs now I heard that night and almost say “damn wish I’d waited a few more shows before I saw them live”….

      • They ARE getting better!! Aside from the obvious Bobby energy, I noticed that JM and Chimenti seem to be syncing up beautifully, and it’s making for some great music. Feed and care for your keyboardist is a good rule of thumb.

  9. Billy and Mickey are having fun on this NFA

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