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Dave’s Nit-Picks

So, the new Dave’s Pick going to be 10/22/71 from the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, IL and it’s a hell of a show. They announced it, like, hours ago and the whining has commenced. Here is how you do not get me on your side of the argument: “Why haven’t we seen more releases from ’84?” Because of the amount of awfulness. There was, good sir, too much awfulness in 1984 and all the grown-ups knew this years ago. There is no groundswell; no one clamors.

It’s a good choice: go check out the powerful Comes a Time and then LISTEN TO 3;05 WHEN GARCIA GOES INTO HIS FALSETTO! In fact, listen to every single thing Garcia sings and plays on this all-time performance.

Then hit the (half-hour) Other One where Keith whips out his piano dong and shows everyone the sheer magnitude of it and everybody’s like: nice piano dong, meaty; and Keith doesn’t say anything, just keeps donging away and then remember that it’s his THIRD SHOW. Kneel before Zod.

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  1. Well said. Of course, posting this over at would result in flames galore, but it’s pretty much dead on (excuse the pun).

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