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Dead & Company To The Core

Let’s have a post that burnishes–rather than tarnishes–the fine name of a semi-defuct choogly-type band full of violent dipsomaniacs and leering ephebophiles, shall we?

Playing in the Band is not what 1977 was known for, but this one from 4/22 at the Spectrum is a HoF version that gets spooky-scary in the middle and then transitions into Scarlet Begonias as if that’s a thing.

They just do it like it’s a thing.*

Then right when they drop down into Fire on the Mountain, Mrs. Donna Jean does that adorable thing where she punctuates the first beat of the riff with a cheerful yelp of “FIRE.

*They do not do this, as it is not a thing. Playing is the last song of the first set, and Scar>Fire begins the second set. That’s a thing, not the thing I thought was a thing. My mind wandered and upon its return decided that a transition that made no sense and would surely be famous if it had happened and that I was the first one to discover had happened.

TotD regrets the error. Still a phenomenal show you should be listening to right now.


  1. That Playing In The Band is unusual, too, as it’s one of (or is?) the last stand-alone set-ending versions. Spring ’77 PITB’s deserve more love. Tight jamming that often wrapped around a Comes A Time>NFA.

    The Peggy-O from that show ain’t no slouch either.

  2. Wow — I AM listening right now; this thing has JUICE, the audience clapping all the way to the instrumental. And now I know what “ephebophile” means. Learn something new every day.

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