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Dead & Company Tour Dates

Well,you stick around long enough and you get some respect, Enthusiasts. Numerous sources from deep within Deadworld have gotten in touch with TotD to leak the long-suspected Fall Tour Dates. This is from the most trustworthy of people. (Not Benjy.)

Here’s the schedule:

10/31, 11/1 – Madison Square Garden, NY, NY.

11/3, 4 – TD Garden, Boston, MA.

11/6 – A field outside Augusta, ME, being chased by an angry moose in a tie-dye.

11/8 – Singing national anthem, jamming between periods at a Leafs game, Air Canada Center, Toronto, ONT.

11/10 – XL Center, Hartford, CT.

11/11 – Billy escapes, NJ Turnpike, NJ.

11/12 – While looking for Billy, Bobby wanders off, Somewhere Outside of Wilmington, DE.

11/13 – John Mayer/Mickey Hart Solo Show, Verizon Center, Washington, DC.

11/13 – Also a riot, Verizon Center, Washington, DC.

11/14-31 – Cancelled, East Coast, US.


  1. Watch out for those pesky swamp donkeys in Maine. They are downright ornery.

  2. The promoter is leaking this to you?

  3. Spencer and ToTD are like two siamese savants separated at birth.

  4. All your favorite Hunter songs, now with a douchey aftertaste!

  5. I’d pay real money for dates 11/6 and after.

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