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Dead & Dobro

jm bobby dobro mickey citifield

Here’s a better shot of Bobby’s new electric dobro. For those of you who don’t know, a dobro is like a guitar.

Also, Mickey is wearing that hat because they are playing Casey Jones and Mickey has decided to expand his repertoire of annoying hat-wearing to the rest of the set list. So far, Mickey has worn:

  • One of those schmucky personal umbrellas. (Cold Rain and Snow.)
  • Green visor dealie like am old-timey card shark. (Deal.)
  • Giant foam cowboy hat. (Like, nine songs.)
  • Miner’s helmet with light that he kept shining in Jeff Chimenti’s eyes. (Cumberland Blues.)
  • Scary goblin mask for no reason. (Johnny B. Goode.)



  1. saw Mickey wear a railroad stripe train conductor’s hat in St Louis around ’70, it
    Worked for ‘Casey Jones’.

  2. Did they play Standing on the Moon?

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