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Dead Fall

I’ll get into this later, but I just wanted to throw this up and remind you: these will be the LAST SHOWS EVAR for Dead & Company unless they sell out real fast and then they’ll be some more.


  1. “last” and “evar” are very relative terms, especially when combined.

  2. Liveblog the ATL show. Do it.

  3. So after reading all the scorn about John Mayer I decided to YouTube him to see what about him, having never even heard of him until D & C announced his membership in the new iteration of Da Boys.

    Watched about 3 minutes of a John Mayer concert before I had to turn it off.

    MetrosexualcoiffedlaqueredposingGQstyledmirrorobsessedAndtheirhairwasperfect Bunch of soulless empty holes making soulless empty music.

    Can’t wait to see how this works out.

  4. An unrelated question, and I’ve googled it first. Can you add images to this blog from an ipad? I have the WordPress app but can’t find anything that shows me how to do this except on my own site.

  5. Do you all know day 1 of Lockn is cancelled due to rain..

    Some fodder there..

  6. I love Pandora for the indie music I get. Is that Mayer doing Borat as a joke?

  7. there is nothing like a TotD thread

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