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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


The youth of today are virtually illiterate dopesucking jitterbugs, and they’ll be the death of us.

But their memes…

Their memes.


  1. dopesucking jitterbugs?

  2. The game has been elevated. This is quality content.

  3. although if the WHOLE squad is really considered on point here we’re clearly grading Keith on a hell of a curve

  4. Billy looks like he’s fired a warning shot across the bow vis a vis dick punching.

    What kind of people is Mrs. Donna Jean surrounding herself with?

    • oh jesus christ I didn’t even read this before posting it

      it’s incorrect. it should say “I AM A…” not “I’M”


      • Maggie,

        Does ToTD have you following some style guide for Memes?

        He has indeed mastered the bloggings, but Memes are the future, grammar as you see fit, IMO…

        I have certainly triggered the ban hammer, so those will be my last words for you..

        One complaint though, Half Naked Gods, are usually full frontal not just a head shot. Zeus, Jesus, Greek, Roman, Norse, regardless the weather we get to see more skin that your god there. The Prophet is an exception, he was so sexy we are not allowed to see him at all.


      • Tor,

        Yes, I am following a style guide of sorts. The memes which I am making are parodies of legitimate “memes” that exist. (

        I don’t like these “justgirlythings.” They seem like a joke, but they’re not. I don’t really care that people like them, but I personally think they’re stupid. Scroll through them. The things they list are not necessarily specific to being a girl. In all technicality some of them are simply fragments. They are not applicable to all girls or all people. They’re just… Dumb. I know that was redundant, but I don’t know how else to describe it. But hey, if people like it, I don’t care.


        ?????? ???? I just feel like calling them “just girly things” is silly. It should maybe be “things I personally enjoy”

        And, if I were to make a “just girly thing,” I’d mention something that is actually “girly.” Like having boobs or… I dunno, being a female? After all of the obvious differences between girls and boys, I feel like things that people enjoy just have to do with people being people. I don’t think there’s any particular reason I like the Dead other than the fact that I like em. My gender doesn’t have anything to do with it. But then again, there are of course things that are statistically more appealing to boys or girls. I’m I would enjoy cosmetic shopping much more than you all would, even given the fact that I don’t particularly enjoy cosmetics and clothes to a certain degree. I make myself look pretty, simply. I don’t go too deep into it, but other girls do (which is totally okay). Am I making sense?

      • Oh, I’m just rambling. This is incoherent to my standards. It’s after lunch and there are too many people in the library.

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