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Deja '72

jerry bobby veneta 1972

Has Garcia always played a maple Strat with a whammy bar at Veneta in ’72? I could have sworn he played Alligator. Did someone reset the Matrix again?


  1. Distracted by sunburnt wang dancer guy?

  2. The Harley Davidson sticker is on tbe naked dude in the background

  3. Nope. Always this sunburst strat. I think it sounds great despite not having been all carved up. Think he played it post-Europe into the Fall, then it disappeared. (IIRC)

    I hadn’t noticed (or had forgotten) the whammy bar though. Looks like the arm is in? Did he ever use it?

    • No, a commentor to a long-ago post about guitar foolishness hipped me to the fact that Garcia did indeed have the dreaded whammy attached.

      I can’t think of him using it offhand. Might be a fantastic reason to listen to the superb Sunshine Daydream remaster.

  4. In this photo, Jerry has long forgotten he’s even playing a guitar. He might be traveling to Neptune. If he has any earthly concern, it’s something like “Jeez, I’ve never felt this hot on acid before…what’s this serpentine thing in my hand???”

  5. I wonder if that is the same guitar as the ’58 Strat Jerry gave David Hildago from Los Lobos. You can see him talking about in the Move Me Brightly movie at about 40:00

  6. Sir Luther Van Baconson

    January 30, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    jerry pulled out the Strat for the Naked Pole Dancer (aka Sunburnt Wang Doodler Guy), a nostalgia thing-like, playin’ a gig at strip club in North Beach.

  7. ToTD: Garcia was notorious for wasting hours of precious soundcheck time doing “Dive-bombs”, shouting “Eat THIS, Weir” as he invented 8-finger tapping, and giving private lessons- right there, as Phil tried to show Martin Fiero the “Let It Grow” chord changes- to some weird, young Dane that was following him show-to-show. Eddie Vai. Or..Vinnie Van Rhodes or something.. doesn’t matter.

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