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Deleted Scenes From Long Strange Trip

  • Billy/Healy orgy.
  • Twenty minutes of Bobby blowdrying his hair from 1982
  • Twenty minutes of Bobby blowdrying his beard from 2012.
  • Garcia getting powdered up to fit into his wetsuit.
  • BMW bumper cars with the Godchauxes.
  • Billy/Parish orgy.
  • Garcia failing to stop a burglar who later goes on to kill his Uncle Ben.
  • Bruce Hornsby teaches proper layup form.
  • All of Mickey’s first interview. (Mickey, for reasons known only to him and God, insisted on being interviewed in a Chuck E. Cheese; he got into fights with two children, five parents, the manager, and an animatronic bear he insisted called him a “Jew bastard.”)
  • Phil struggles to read the menu at Terrapin Crossroads; yells for Jill to bring him his glasses; she brings the wrong ones; he yells at her; later, Jill poops on bocce courts as revenge.*
  • Billy/Vince orgy.
  • Amir Bar-Lev champions the 7/19/89 Althea as the best, and Al Franken hit him with Mitch McConnell’s shell.
  • Solid half-hour of John Mayer talking about his penis while online shopping.
  • Ten minute animated sequence that cost two million dollars.
  • Hamza El-Din and his family being deported.
  • Billy/Amir Bar-Lev orgy.

*It was always Jill. Every single time. Phil gets on her nerves? She drops one on the bocce courts, and watches him blow a gasket. Marriage takes work.


  1. Poor Hamza!!!!

    (I was actually listening to his “Escalay” album today. Next time you get on an African bender, check out Hailu Mergia and the Walias’ “Tche Belew” if you haven’t yet. No oud, but enough organ to please the Pig).

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    May 16, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Olompali documentary update

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