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Okay, Enthusiasts: voting time.

What’s The Best Part Of This Picture?

A. Bobby wearing shoes.


B. The fact that Mickey brought a whole case of bullshit, but Billy just grabbed a box and whacked on it.


C. The Stealie has an afro.

Vote often and early, everybody, and–unlike some countries most of you live in–whatever gets the most votes wins.


  1. There’s something quite disconcerting about Bobby in shoes. I’m voting for the you dosed Mickey? I dosed Mickey , gees how many of us dosed Mike derp face……I think I messed that joke up….

  2. Bobby in shoes is unsettling for some yet another sign of the apocalypse. I’m voting afro stealie all the way.

  3. C.

    Also: very odd…this photo appears to have been taken at the same place and in a similar time…everything’s the same but one thing.

    Are they some type of convertible? Easy-to-Slip-ons? (for big and little feet)

  4. Also, Bobby has that nice Huss & Dalton guitar now, but he seems to be using a “Glider” capo which is really a pretty shitty capo aka cheater (That’s the vulgate)

  5. What could they possibly be playing here. 2 drums and a guitar is never the trio
    But of course Billy on the box wins

  6. Is Oteil mad that the Stealie copped his ‘do?

  7. Box. Without a doubt.

    • Luther Von Baconson

      January 24, 2017 at 8:44 pm

      lifted from someone’s hotel room dresser, no? i spy with my little eye something that is pink & frilly.

  8. The fact that Mickey is playing the drums with a Chianti bottle?

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