Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Director’s Cut

bobby pig swing 12_13_69“Your ego done got as all-fired big as your guitar, Fancy-Pants!”

“What’d I do now, Pig?”

“You and them LA weasels making them high-price movies, shot all nice, tellin’ nice stories ’bout days gone by!”

“Pretty much.”

“Ya done forgot about the Pig! Wasn’t hide nor hair o’ the ol’ porker!”

“I mentioned you, man.”

“You pointed out my damn room, brother-man! On that house tour you took that fine lady o’ yours on!”

“Was that it?”

“All she wrote! You didn’t even tell no stories ’bout the goings-on in that room! Like the time I got up early in the morning.”


“Just before the day was dawning.”

“You and Garcia were always the early birds, yeah.”

“And I begin, you know: t’ feel a little lonesome.”

“Well, that’s weird, Pig: we lived in a very communal manner.”

“And do you know what I needed, Bobby?”

“Your sweet rider by your side?”

“To be mentioned in your damnable moving picture, you carpet-bagging nipple hair!”


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