Fuck it, ladies and gentlemen: I’m doing the Dick’s Picks. here’s what TotD has to report so far.

That first one is fucking AWESOME. Just killer. Real, real tasty; also sweet as fuck, yo.

Number two? Number two? The second one? Get the fuck outta here with that kooky bullshit, you bullshit kook. The act of asking as to its greatness denigrates its very greatness. Just accept Volume 2‘s manly gift and leave the room without turning your back.

The third one is quite something, too. It is good to listen to–

You have neither an actual idea, nor the patience to do reviews of the records: am I correct?

Twice right, there.

But I do have a picture of Dick!

vault dick

You do realize what you just said is going to get a lot of weird Google hits, right?

Bring on the pervs, baby!