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Do Not Make Hologram Garcia


The Grateful Dead

I feel like I need to reiterate this: do not make Hologram Garcia and take it on tour. No one wants to see translucent Garcia glitching and shimmering and 18 feet high, backed up by live musicians with dreams that did not include accompanying a film strip.

Every bad decision in history was, in the end, made by one person. Invading Russia, New Coke, the Maginot Line–all these things were subject to one man’s say-so, and so is this choice: to Hologram Garcia or not to Hologram Garcia. Would the buck stop with the Estate? The band? Could Hunter have a veto? (And if he does, then the point is moot: I think we can all safely assume this shit would be the definition of ‘not okay’ with him.)

What I’m getting to is this: the person that is ultimately responsible for allowing Hologram Garcia to exist will be beaten with a shoe, by me, no mercy, and not so much a shoe as boots.

As long as no one makes Hologram Garcia, everything’s gonna be cool.



  1. What about a Pigpen hologram? As fun as it sounds I don’t think I would want to see a Jerry hologram with the rest of the band now, however if u could do the whole band circa 1970 – something hologram I think might be cool, well interesting anyways. I’ve been hearing about quite a bit of technology down at TRI, “musicians playground” who knows??

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