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Dog, Paddle

buck dog beret

I know you. You’re a good dog.

“Yes. Oh, yes. So good dog. Hello. Am good.”

Look at all this nature.

“Unbelievable amount of smells.”

And I see a tennis ball back there.

“Good day all around. No complaints. Thing on head.”

It’s a hat. A beret.

“Okay. Makes the Guy happy. Thing on head.”

Any plans for the day?

“Swim. Jump in water. Lay in water. Maybe poop in water, definitely pee. Drink water.”

You love water.

“Can’t help myself. You made me like this.”


“Also the soft-mouth thing.”

Retrievers have that, yeah.

“Want to see egg trick?”

You don’t need to do the egg trick.

“Egg in mouth. Egg no break.”

Yes, I’ve seen retrievers do the egg trick.

“That my trick!”

We’ve done this bit already.

“Readers smoke dope. No remember.”

Could be. So what’s it like being a dog?

“Imagine the opposite of a person.”


“Not that.”



  1. Luther Von Baconson

    August 16, 2016 at 2:40 am

    Che Dogvera. The Canoe Diaries.

  2. I did not authorize this!

    But I approve. At least the Canadians around here will be soothed by the sight of so much canoe.

    • That is a very nice cedar strip you have. My wife inherited a 1930’s 15′ Peterborough Canoe that will hopefully shine like that one again.

      • Thanks. This one here is actually Peterborough too! I’m the third generation to paddle it. It’s just a teensy 8-footer. Supposedly built as a “tender” to be strapped to another, larger vessel. No seats, just a little kneeling board. Only room for one enthusiast at a time.

        • Nice, we are located a 45 minutes from Peterborough and take the kids to Canadian Canoe Museum every summer…….This is my good boy right after I spent an hour removing burrs from his floppy ears.

  3. Very nice. I know that museum well. I live GD country now, but I drove through your area last week.

  4. Some strong canoe bonding is just the thing that has been missing around these parts.
    Row on!

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