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Donald Trump Is A Teenaged Girl

  • Spends all day on Twitter picking fights with people and misspelling things.
  • Covered in makeup.
  • Obsessed with his hair.
  • Has a new best friend/worst enemy every week.
  • Unfamiliar with the basic tenets of international diplomacy.
  • Loves the sound of his own name.
  • Tends to overuse superlatives.
  • Capable of paying–at best–partial attention to the other person speaking during a conversation.
  • Unrefined palate.
  • Will only read if threatened.
  • Terrible, but constant, liar.
  • Utterly unqualified to be the President of the United States.


  1. This is insulting … to teenage girls. Right, Swaggie Maggie?

  2. Steve B beat me to it…

  3. Maggie doesn’t come around here anymore thereby validating this point.

    “Has a new best friend/worst enemy every week.”

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