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Donald Trump’s Demands For His Military Parade

  • The most beautiful tanks.
  • Marvelous jeeps or whatever we got now, those big ones, get those.
  • The helmets with the pointy things.
  • When they do the thing with the guns, when they go from one shoulder to the other, with all the yelling, that thing, great.
  • No fat chicks except Huck.
  • AT-AT Walkers.
  • Horses that know tricks.
  • Tom Brady.
  • As many soldiers as we can get, looking fabulous, and they’ll march, everyone will be talking about it.
  • Marines, too.
  • And the other ones, water-soldiers, whatever they’re called: they march, too.
  • Only good blacks.
  • I wanna make Eric a colonel.


  1. amphibious vehicles?

    Perhaps crawl out of the potomac, synchronized splash through the reflecting pool, then down constitution Ave

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    February 8, 2018 at 2:27 pm


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