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Don’t Know What I Was Expecting

News of the free MSG show has still not hit any of the social media accounts associated with the Dead Or Whatever. It just hit Rolling Stone, but isn’t in the New York Times or the Deadhead bastion (seriously) that is the Wall Street Journal.

I say “Bush” and you say “League”!



A good question to ask when it comes to publicity: could TotD do this better?


  1. Totd, you are the Phineus.T.Barnum of the Deadosphere. …..

  2. Somewhere a promoter is asking the same questions ToTD is asking.

    The intersection of Grateful Dead decision making and business plans and marketing plans is something that must have been, and continues to be extremely hilarious.

    Irving Azoff appeared more or less as himself on a “Documentary Now” spoof on soft rock documentaries — The Blue Jean Committee”. In that episode he has a funny quote about how dumb musicians can be.

    Something like “they where the dumbest people I had worked with, and …. I work with musicians”

    I bet if you knew Azoff, and asked him “how the Dead and Company” thing was going, he would have some extremely funny things to say.

    I think Mickey’s daughter must be in charge of Social Media promotion. She is young enough to conflate “Funk” with what Mickey does, and her attention span is on target with the occasional sputterings we see here.

    No offense to Naya if she is listening.. good Job, this is going to be a success. Just like Justin K became a film maker, you are going to be a web marketing specialist.


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