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Citing his age, lack of any athletic ability, and organ-recipient status, the Giants passed on allowing Phil to play shortstop. (It also did not help Phil’s case to keep referring to the team as “The San Franciscos.”

He was, though, installed as the third base coach for a week or so. “PHIL’S MANNING THE HOT CORNER!” he kept crowing as he ran towards first until the batboy chased him down and turned him the right way.

Phil quickly became a fan favorite for his philosophy: send ’em. Blooper to left with Pablo Sandoval on first? Send ’em.It was entertaining in the same way running a reverse on 4th and 23 is, or the Charge of the Light Brigade, or taking Billy to church: a glorious death.

Mickey came along one night and sat in the dugout with Phil; his favorite part was the chatter. Predictably, Mickey failed to recognize the boundaries of chatter, and hucked a nine-volt battery at the opposing pitcher.