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One of the fun things about Enthusiasm is that no matter how defunct the Dead gets, there’s always new crazy bullshit to discover. An offhanded comment in this interview with Jeff Chimenti led to this run-on paragraph from a drummer named Brian Melvin, which led to this show from 9/21/86 from a band called Nightfood which apparently featured Bobby and Jaco Pastorius.


  1. Those are great links. Welcome to my world.

    I had always known about the Weir>Jaco>Nightfood gigs, but I had never figured out the connection between Weir and Melvin. Quite fascinating.

    Weir played several gigs with Nightfood in Fall 86. During that time, Jerry was recovering from his coma, so Weir had plenty of time on his hands. Unfortunately for Bob, he had injured his arm in a bicycling accident, so he was only a vocalist in the band, and did not play guitar.

    A picture can be seen here (from a show at The Stone, San Francisco, Sep 21 86)

    The implication is that there is a tape, but I think the link is deceased.

  2. Jaco was involved in a few unusual collaborations during that period.
    I went to this one:
    Unfortunately, Jaco didn’t show.

  3. this band is ok, they’re no Go Ahead tho

  4. What? Can someone please explain to me why I’ve never been told about Nightfood?

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