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Downfall From Here

Things TotD approves of: making fun of the Dead, making fun of The Phishes, and Hitler. There is also no funnier language than German to have a temper tantrum. (As opposed to Vietnamese, which is scary. Listening to people fight in Vietnamese–at least I think it’s a fight, they may be reciting a treasured comedy routine–is so terrifying you’ll drive yourself to Penney’s and buy a new pair of pants to shit.)

Within one paragraph, you praised Hitler, racist-ed the Vietnamese (who, by the way, are some of the scrappiest little fuckers on the planet and should be admired for all the waves of barbarian ass they kicked out of Saigon,) and made a doody joke.

This brings me to the Hitler video.


Nothing’s official nowadays until it gets a Downfall parody. The meme is now so old that its origin and original function have been mostly forgotten. The clip’s from a German TV mini-series about the last days in Hitler’s bunker and for some reason Sinbad is in it as Goebbels. Which is kind of a major part, and, even as a fan of the Big ‘Bad, is beyond his capabilities as an actor. The fact that Sinbad is wearing Sinbad clothes also distracts. It was an odd casting choice.

I’ve not seen the six-hour series (spoiler: Hitler is the fifth element,) and to be honest: I won’t. TotD prefers Tarantino’s historical films, in which the Jews win the Holocaust and the Blacks defeat Slavery.

The one thing I would like to know, but due to my beliefs about research–it’s for a different class of people, sweetie–can never find out is: what was up with Yodel and Krebbs? Were they the idiots Hitler kept around to blame things on? Like, everytime the salad Hitler brought for lunch went missing:



“You have eaten mein salad, Yodel.”

“Nein, mein Führer.”

“I clearly marked my name at the top: ‘Adolf H.’ I wrote it with a Sharpie and let it dry very carefully.”

“I did not–”


“–eat your salad…sir, we go through this every day.”

“Don’t talk while I’m talking. You know it makes your Führer furious.”

“Sorry, mein Führer.”

“I want you to replace mein salad, Yodel. Immediately.”

“With all due Respekten…how? We’re in a bunker.”

“Can’t you just nip out to a Panera or something?”

Please just play the video.


  1. Anchovy Rancher

    January 17, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Perfect. Lassen Warren Zevon der Werwolf!

  2. Best. ToTD. Post. Ever.

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